The Hidden Hut

  • photography

A long-term photography project at The Hidden Hut, a beach cafe tucked away on the south Cornish coast. 

The brief was to capture goings on at the hut through the changing of the seasons, from the first feast in April through to October. These photos have since ended up in their cookbook, published in May 2018 and have been widely used to promote the Hidden Hut both in digital and in print.

It was a real pleasure to have the luxury of time to record the details of such a special place. Being so open to, and influenced by the elements, it would have been nigh on impossible to capture the essence of the Hidden Hut in just one session. Also, I don't believe we have ever been fed so well on a photoshoot!



We first came across Design Room by chance after Sal took an incredible photograph from the audience at one of our music events. The picture caused a storm on social media and ended up winning a national prize.


Since then, we’ve used Design Room for photography and design work across a number of creative projects, including the on-going photography of our Hidden Hut feast nights. The team are a pleasure to work with - imaginative, professional and never fail to deliver exciting results.


Simon Stallard, The Hidden Hut.

Lobster feast night at the Hidden Hut


The Hidden Hut


Serving time at the Hidden Hut


Stirring up the paella


Glowing embers at the Hidden Hut


Ready for the diners on Porthcurnick beach


chefs at sunset