Cornwall Trade & Investment

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Cornwall Trade & Investment is a programme run by Cornwall Development Company that works to attract and support businesses into Cornwall and also help's Cornwall's existing businesses export their products and services.

From 2016 we have worked with them on building their library of photography to support their marketing of Cornwall as a forward-thinking place for business and not just a holiday destination. Previously called Invest in Cornwall, they were rebranded at the beginning of 2019 as Cornwall Trade & Investment and we have continued our work with them focussing on ground-breaking businesses here in Cornwall.  

So far, our photography for them has centred more around industry and places of work, particularly mining and manufacturing than previously This is an ever-evolving project though, so it may well change as their image requirements do.

You can view our previous work with Invest in Cornwall here.

Powder coating farm machinery panels at Teagle

Robotic welder at work at Teagle

The entrance to South Crofty Mine

South Crofty Mine, Pool, Cornwall

Falmouth University campus

Laboratory at Wheal Jane, Cornwall

Laboratory at Wheal Jane, Cornwall

The view from C-Space in Newquay

Detail from C-Space shared office space in Newquay