Da Bara Bakery Photoshoot

18 Nov 2014

It was the worst kind of morning when I arrived at Da Bara Bakery, a proper November storm with lashing rain and howling wind. We tentatively lifted up the garage door to let in some natural light, autumn leaves swirled in and around us as I set up a simple backdrop with which to shoot their bakery goods. It was cold and less than inviting, but soon didn't care once the photo shoot was underway. The quality of light turned out to be lovely and diffused (that'll be the storm clouds) and the wondrous pastries and breads looked amazing.

~ Sal

Check out more of our work with Da Bara Bakery here, visit their website or even better stop by the bakery itself, have brew and eat a doughnut of awesomeness. 

Da Bara Bakery Bread


Da Bara Bakery Bread


Da Bara Bakery Cinnamon buns


Da Bara Bakery Mince Pies


Da Bara Bakery Brownies

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