The Roseland Peninsula - Lamorran

26 Mar 2019

Above: Sunset views over the River Fal from Ruan Quay. 


The second instalment in our series of blog posts focussing on the Roseland - where our studio is situated. If you're coming to visit us here at Design Room for a meeting or just a catch-up over coffee, it's worth keeping in mind that we're surrounded by some beautiful scenery. We regularly make use of our proximity to this gorgeous part of Cornwall to help clear our heads after a long day at a screen - it’s good for thinking, for creativity and mental wellbeing in general.

This time we're looking at a particularly scenic stretch of road that runs from Ruan Lanihorne along through Lamorran towards Tregothnan and St Michael Penkivel. If you're driving back in the direction of Truro from our office then it makes a nice change from the usual, busier A390 (it eventually brings you out at Tresillian) Although it's worth bearing in mind that it's not the quickest route!

Mostly we use this bit of road for an after-work run, it's a nice undulating section that seldom sees much traffic. The estuary along here is teeming with birdlife and often there's deer. It's a remote, peaceful, sometimes eerie but always beautiful place that feels like you've gone back in time.


Terrain: Estuary and woodland. Tarmac road.

Footwear: Trainers if you're planning to run. 

Parking: Limited, but available at Ruan Quay. 

Distance: Depends how far you wish to run or walk! Approx distance from Ruan Quay to Tregothnan and back is 6.5 miles.


We park at Ruan Quay and start from there - it is as simple as following the single lane road through the twists and turns of Lamorran. Sett Bridge which spans the River Fal is a particular favourite spot, the views down the river are stunning, it's always worth a stop just to listen to the distant warbles of the birds out on the mudflats and to marvel in the silence and remoteness of the place. Keep heading in the direction of St Michael Penkivel, you'll pass through a cluster of houses on your way, the road then runs adjacent to a tributary of the River Fal. It's heavily wooded, full of squirrels and sometimes deer. If you don't see any deer, you can often see their tracks in the estuary mud.

You'll eventually end up at a T-junction, taking a left will lead you to the gates of Tregothnan. The little church at St Michael Penkivel is gorgeous and is worth your time. For us, it's usually time to turn on our heels and head back to Ruan Quay.


We absolutely love this stretch of road, the sense of peace and remoteness is quite special. Enjoy!


Above: Crossing over Sett Bridge into Lamorran woods


Above: Peaceful stretches of road through Lamorran


Above: The long and winding road

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