DR's Top 6 Newsletters

16 Dec 2016

As we begin to piece together our annual festive newsletter to send out to our friends and clients, it seemed like a good time to reflect on which newsletters land in our inboxes that are always worth making time to read and explore.


A lot of newsletters end up being deleted before even being opened - but these are different... they can inform, inspire, provoke thought and sometimes just make you see things a little differently. 



1. Hiut Denim - Scrapbook Chronicles 


The Hiut Denim 'Scrapbook Chronicles' - A studio favourite for a while now. Always full of gems, always beautiful.




2. Solidwool Workshop News


Only discovered this one fairly recently. Featuring beautiful photography and news from the workshop for this fascinating company that produce beautiful things. Also includes interesting snippets from around the web, including this particular favourite from the Faroe Islands.




3. Finisterre - The Sunday Broadcast


Classy newsletter from the folk at Finisterre. With images and words from the always bleak, but aesthetically pleasing cold water surfing scene and other articles and films on the great outdoors and environmental topics. 




4. Gary Peters - The Almost Daily


An understated gem from the NZ based artist Gary Peters, it is as the name suggests, almost daily. With news from the studio, the daily monochrome and art related inspiration. 



5. Julie Moss - Artist Newsletter 


Occasional updates from Julie Moss, a Cornwall based artist, and creator of incredibly atmospheric paintings. Often short and sweet featuring new work, sketchbook pages and news of exhibitions, it's a visual treat for your inbox.




6. Watergate Bay Hotel


Cornish lifestyle eye candy - if you're not by the sea, this will make you wish you were!


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