Hidden Hut cookbook

11 May 2018

I’ve worked with the team at the Hidden Hut for the last few years, photographing their feast nights. In that time, through all winds, weathers and seasons, I’ve gathered a library of photos of life at the Hut. It’s been a real privilege to be able to work on a photography project over such a long period of time. The opportunity to capture the way the light and the atmosphere changes according to the time of year down there is a real luxury, it deserves the hype, it is truly a special place. Over this time friendships have been formed and a lot of good food has been eaten.


So, taking all this into account, it’s been very exciting to see the Hidden Hut’s cookbook come to life when it was published by Harper Collins on 3rd May. It’s a beautifully produced book with some lovely Scandi inspired layouts and sumptuous food photography from Susan Bell. It’s lovely to see that a bundle of feast night photography has made it into the book as well, forming the introduction to the book and are dotted throughout the subsequent pages, helping to set the (often smokey) scene. Congratulations to Si & Jem for producing such a beautiful book, it's been a real joy to work with you both over these last few years. My Nikon has been well and truly permeated by the smell of smoke from the Hut fires!  


~ Sal


Enjoy a few snaps below of the book and of the lovely launch that took place in Borough Market:




Above: Introduction page accompanied by a moody shot taken at one of the rather inclement feast nights. Can't beat the great British summer time. 



Above: One of my favourite feasts, a long table along the shoreline of Porthcurnick beach, beautiful lobsters over the grill. Just gorgeous.




Above: Along the path that leads down to Porthcurnick, taken on Boxing Day 2016.




Above: Hidden Hut cookbook launch at Borough Market Hall, London.



Above: Piles of beautiful books for sale at the launch


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Filming Flaming Goats at The Hidden Hut

14 Oct 2016


This year I had the good fortune to spend another season photographing at The Hidden Hut, from April through to the end of September, many feast nights were shot in wind, rain, drizzle and every now and again, glorious sunshine. So many brilliant moments captured through this stretch of time, a lot of lovely memories made and of course a lot of very good food eaten along the way.


Being able to shoot the same location across several months is a photographer’s dream, particularly somewhere like The Hidden Hut which is so open to the elements and no two nights are the same. From early spring sunshine to long summer evenings and into early Autumn when the light softens and dusk closes in early, each feast has its own unique feel.


Hiring a photographer for a long stretch of time is quite a commitment but can be extremely beneficial. The client will get a comprehensive image library of their venue and surrounding location, building a nuanced sense of place through beautiful images.


This year it was particularly great to be able to combine photography and film, teaming up with DR Collective member Sam Buckle, who is an ace with moving images. Sam and I spent an evening filming and photographing the goat feast night at The Hidden Hut in late August. It was a glorious evening of late summer sun and amazing food, with three whole goats from Allet slow roasted over the coals.


Capturing these kind of events on video is becoming ever more important in the effort to stand out in the noise of social media. Time spent viewing video online is increasing, with 8 billion video views per day on Facebook alone. It is a vital tool for standing out online, a video post on Facebook has an 8.7% organic reach as opposed to just 3.7% for a photographic post. That said, the video content has to stand out from the crowd as more and more people and businesses realise the effectiveness of video marketing.


Well filmed and thoughtfully created video content can enhance your brand, reaching your target audience, converting those views and likes into potential new customers for your business.


Combine this with still photography and build up a valuable photographic and video library for your social media campaigns and website content and pack a visual punch. 


~ Sal

The Hidden Hut from Design and Film Cornwall on Vimeo.




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