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Office Space at Chenoweths

05 Nov 2018


We currently have an opportunity to rent a private office room in our large creative studio on the Roseland Peninsula. It's a lovely light and airy studio space on Chenoweth Business Park. We have Da Bara Bakery Cafe nearby and are only a couple of miles away from Carne and Pendower beaches for that all important lunch break walk. Truro is approx 20 minutes drive away.


  •  Private office measuring 12 x 8 ft approx.
  •  Shared kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as shared furnished meeting & communal space.
  •  Plenty of parking
  •  24/7 access
  •  All bills included (including wifi)
  •  No contract, easy in easy out
  •  Available October 2018
  •  £75 per week 


Contact us here at Design Room on 01872 211281 or at

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Summer Reading List - 2018

19 Jul 2018

It's that time when things tend to slow down for us a little in the office. It's been a particularly warm dry summer so far, so what better than to find some shade, make a gin and tonic and indulge in a good read?


Here's what the Design Room team and friends are reading over the summer. We hope you find some inspiration!

Emma Gordon  


Just Kids - Patti Smith


"I must admit I didn’t know a great deal about Patti Smith before Sal suggested I might enjoy this book. I knew the album ‘Horses’, had watched a few videos of her recent talks at literary festivals and admired her as a person and an artist but reading about her journey as an artist and poet to songwriter and iconic punk rock star was fascinating. Smith’s autobiography paints a hugely evocative picture of the arts and cultural scene in New York in the late 60’s and 70’s centred around her relationship with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and their time spent living at the now famous Chelsea Hotel. Even if you’re not an avid fan of hers I’d recommend it, it’s beautifully written and she really has had a fascinating life so far, hanging out with the likes of Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison - what an amazing era to have been a part of!"


Mike Hayes  


Horses Don't Fly: The Memoir of the Cowboy Who Became a World War I Ace - Frederick Libby


"I've just finished reading this, it was brilliant. An unexpectedly beautiful memoir of an interesting life, written entirely without ego"

Sally Mitchell 


Ocean at the end of the Lane - Neil Gaiman


"I've had this book sitting on my shelf waiting to be read for about four years, I'm not sure what's taken me so long to pick it up. After having read a lot of books around productivity, habit and work-flow so far this year, it's really nice to be losing myself in a bit of fiction. "


Jess Collins 


Women who run with the Wolves - Clarissa Pinkola Estes


"This year I’m mainly dipping in and out of various books including revisiting my ultimate favourite book, Women who run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. It’s quite full on, not a light read but I love it. A friend once described it as “a book you need to own even if you can’t face reading it because one day the time will be right and you’ll need it then” which is so true! I think it’s one every woman should own. Perfect timing since I welcomed my second daughter six weeks ago! "


Sean Gee 


The Book of Nothing - John D Barrow


"I've always had a fascination with the concept of nothing. During my maths A-Level (many moons ago) one of the few lessons I remember was when the maths teacher showed me how zero could be proved to equal infinity. This book isn't filled with difficult equations but lots of thought-provoking ideas. Unfortunately, this means I haven't slept since I started reading it"

Elly Jahnz 


The Three Body Problem - Cixin Liu


"I've just finished reading The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu and translated from the original Chinese by Ken Liu. It's part of The Remembrance of Earth's Past Trilogy (actually, I've just finished reading all three books in it) and it's a pretty hard sci-fi physics and science based book about Earth, physics, time travel and intergalactic peril. It's not your classic summer-by-the-pool read but its combination of bleakness and optimism captivated me. It's also one of Barack Obama's favourite books apparently..."


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