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Middle East

10 Jan 2020

I took a trip to Jordan at the end of 2019, a much needed holiday after a busy year and most importantly a big change in culture, weather, light, colours and textures. I took my trusty Canon G7x which I've grown to love using. It has full manual controls and shoots RAW, giving me high-quality files to work with when I get back home. It's also compact and light, perfect for travel and makes a change from lugging a heavy, conspicuous DSLR around.


Here's a handful of snaps from the trip, focussing on the amazing colours and textures I found along the way, mostly in the city of Madaba which is just south of the capital Amman.


- Sal


Above: city of Madaba


Above: old Mercedes and a pile of pomegranates in Madaba.


Above: gltizy hookah pipe shop in Madaba


Above: a roadside stop on the Desert Highway


Above: More old Mercedes - Jordan is full of them.


Above: Metal door in Madaba. Love the layers of paint.


Above: Carpets for sale in the backstreets of Madaba.


Above: Parking and nighttime colours in Madaba. 


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